Xora Enterprise Sdn Bhd focuses its core business in providing complete adhesive tapes and packaging solutions to corporate clients, SMI & SMEs, and end-users which come from a diverse range of industries including electrical engineering, aluminium industry, logistical companies, manufacturing and production, spray paint, hardware, and retail trading industry.


Xora company has made its mark in the market as one of the leading suppliers, distributor and manufacturer of adhesive tapes, BUBBLE PACKS / WRAPS, Hook & Loop Tapes, EVA foam & PE foam tapes, and other packaging materials since its establishment in year 2006. The company has coverage of its market in the whole of West Peninsular Malaysia, the East Peninsular Malaysia, and even overseas international business partners.


Xora is a specialist supplier of BUBBLE PACKS / WRAPS offering bubble wrap rolls, anti static bubble wraps, and also customized bubble packs and anti static bubble packs. Not only that, Xora is the supplier of reputable brands: BONDMAT , BMS (BONDING MATERIAL SOLUTIONS), and also ANCHOR BONDMAT which has a strong foothold in Malaysia and also its presence felt overseas. Xora also distributes and supplies renowned overseas brands such as 3M, SCAPA, and SEKISUI to satisfy customers’ needs. In addition, our business plan includes providing adhesive and packaging solutions such as pallet stretch films, plastic bags, OPP packing tapes, EVA/PE foam tapes, PVC tapes, and even die-cut services to cater for personalized customers.


Our company is fully committed in ensuring customer satisfaction and providing value-added services to our customers. We do it by adapting to meet the changing needs of customers, pushing ourselves to better serve our customers, and dealing business in a serious and professional manner. We would like to thank and appreciate the support our customers, our team, and our business partners that have provided us over the past 10 years in the market.


Please feel free to visit our product gallery and don’t hesitate to direct your enquiries to our sales team @ 03-9132 7825 or email: info@xoraprintedtapes.com

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