• Made of LDPE film with air bubbles to resist loss of air in vacuums and provide cushioning as protection for packed goods ,
  • Film is clearly transparent for easier product identification ,
  • Available in Die Cut sizes to suit customer’s needs and requirements ;


  • Excellent solution for protection and cushioning of packed goods due to Bubble Pack / Wrap’s quality of tear-resistance, shock-absorbent, abrasion-resistance, exceptional toughness, high degree of flexibility, and lightweight properties ,
  • Also provides resistant properties against static, water, and temperature conditions ,
  • Acceptable for food contact and suitable for food packing purposes ;


  • Suitable for Food Grade Packing or usage in cookie Biscuit Bottles, jars, or containers ,
  • Can be used to put between layers of biscuits, snacks or cookies ,
  • Widely used as cushioning to protect fragile goods such as electronics, furniture, glassware and instruments ,
  • Ideal and widely used in the food industry, electronic industry, electrical instrument industry, scientific instrument industry, hospitals, glass industry, ceramic and souvenir industry, tableware industry, stationery industry, lighting industry, wine industry, art gallery, computer manufacture industry, and more .

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